Feb 082012

I generally start with a .jpg or .eps but any format that Photoshop will read will work fine with this method.  In this example I have used a scanned image from one of the Dover royalty free clip art books.


1.  After scanning the image and opening it in Photoshop crop the image to the area you would like to import and save.

2.  Create a second layer under your image layer and paint it a color that will contrast with your image.  I usually use this red below or a bright blue.

3.  Remove most of the background with the magic eraser or a large size eraser.

4.  With a round soft-edged eraser erase all around the image and then carefully smooth the edges.  The Cameo is capable of fantastic detail when tracing an object and cutting it.  This is great but also, in this instance, a bit of a worry as every little nook and cranny you leave on the edge the Cameo will faithfully reproduce in your end result so…..while detail is great smooth edges are more important.  Trust me.

5.  Change the background color to white and save your image to your desktop or somewhere as a high quality .jpg.

6.  Use layer effects in Photoshop to cover your cutout in solid black against the white background and save the image as a .jpg again but with a different name.  You are now ready to move into the Cameo software.

7.  Open the Cameo software and drag both .jpg files you created onto the mat area of Silhouette Studio Pro.  *Sometimes when dragging in a second image the second will pop into place over the first.  To prevent this from happening just drag it into another area of the window.

8.  Select both images (click one image and shift-click the second) and use the resize tool to reduce their size so they fit onto the mat.

9.  Move the image that was not overlaid with black to the side to use later and center the other image on the mat space.

10.  Use the “select trace area” tool to select your whole image.  Make sure high pass and low pass are not checked. Adjust the threshold slider until there is a fine solid line around your black cutout.  Select trace and you will have a red cutout outline and one black silhouette.  Delete the black silhouette.

11.   Align your full color .jpg with the cut lines.

14.  Group the images so they are one unit and save to your library or to your computer.  And that’s it.  You’re set to print and cut.


A Video of this process can be found on my youtube channel (thepapermagevideos) at http://www.youtube.com/user/thepapermagevideos?feature=mhee


Shopping List for this project:

Dover Royalty Free Clip Art: Knights, Weapons and Armor CD-ROM and Book

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